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Pet Exams & Vaccines for Long Healthy Lives

5 - Star Exam & Vaccine Service — 7 Days a Week

Veterinary Clinic Pets St Cloud Waite Park Sartell St Joseph Minnesota

Compassionate care with rapid, on-site diagnosis & treatment

A Review from Google+

Advanced Care provides high quality service at a competitive price. You know you're animals are receiving great care when your dog is excited to go to the vet and your cat purrs the entire time. They provide such a positive experience for the animals. I'm so glad we chose Advanced Care! A special thanks to Heidi for providing superior animal care! Alyssa Anderson, Google+ Review

Quality Pet Health Care, In All We Do

Exams and vaccines are like insurance, pay a little now to reduce costly treatment or premature life span later.

Doing Exam Fees Right - How Advanced Care Saves You Money on Exams!

Advanced Care Pet Hospital charges ONE Annual Vaccination Exam Fee per pet, per year.

No matter how many vaccine boosters your pet needs over the year, when you return for a booster, you pay for the vaccine(s), but you do not pay another exam fee or office call.

A similar policy applies to medical recheck exams. As long as we are treating the original occurance and diagnosis, there are some limitations.

Multiple pet exam fee discounts for multi pet households available.

Our customers appreciate this exam fee policy. Advanced Care clients save quite a few dollars every year.


When it comes to providing your pet with health care services like exams and vaccines, we stick to high standards.

Dr. Gerds has years of experience and knows which vaccine lines have a history of causing frequent reactions in pets.

Advanced Care only buys the highest quality products with the lowest incidence of reactions. This is no easy task with all the mergers and acquisitions in the veterinary medical field.

The veterinarian will recommend several core vaccines that all pets should receive in order to maintain their health and prevent serious disease.

For dogs, these vaccines may include rabies, parvovirus, adenovirus, and distemper. For cats, core vaccinations may include rabies, panleukopenia virus, herpesvirus, and calicivirus.

Advanced Care offers a premium rabies vaccine option, the PUREVAX® Feline Rabies designed specifically for cats. PURVAX® reduces potential risks like injection site reactions and chronic inflammation associated with the additives found in traditional vaccines.

Fecal Tests - When YOU Want Them

Advanced Care Pet Hospital only asks you to bring in your pet's poo when you think something is wrong. We don't require you to bring in your pet's poop every time you come in for shots either. If your pet's poop is problematic, we will look at it, in the meantime you can save some dough at Advanced Care Pet Hospital and get your pet some fun new toy or some treats.

This is another example of how Advanced Care Pet Hospital makes your life easier and your pet's health care less costly.

Annual Wellness Exams

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Care

All aspects of your pets general health are examined. Based on your species, the typical exam covers the following: Nose, Eyes, Teeth and mouth, Ears, Mental awareness, Nerve functions, Lymph nodes. Bones and joints, Heart, Lungs, Abdomen, Rectal and perirectal areas, External genitalia, Coat and skin, Body weight and Temperature

You likely visit your doctor or dentist once a year. Pets age faster than you. Each annual exam for your pet is similar to you visiting your doctor every five to seven years.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” rings true for your pet’s good health.

Our pets can't tell us if they are sick, much like young children who can’t always let us know when they don’t feel well.

It is up to pet parents to schedule regular check ups with Advanced Care.

Wellness exams can prevent serious complications later when a condition or disease is uncovered. Prevention is always safer and less expensive than treatment.

During the wellness exam, your veterinarian will perform many valuable services, including:

  • Ask about the history of your pet’s health
  • Note weight and age changes since the last exam
  • Ask about any lifestyle changes, such as a previously indoor cat that now goes outside or a dog that now takes walks with you on wildlife trails
  • Perform a physical exam of teeth, mouth, eyes, ears, skin, coat and paws
  • Ask you about any unusual behavior in your pet, such as drinking more water, eating less, sleeping more or a change in activity level
  • Look for early disease signs and recommend testing for suspected diseases including the heart, liver and kidney diseases, arthritis and cancer
  • Recommend the vaccinations your pet needs to prevent diseases

Veterinary Clinic Pets St Cloud Waite Park Sartell St Joseph Minnesota

Why should I have my dog or cat vaccinated?

It’s important to follow the vaccination schedule your veterinarian recommends for your puppy, dog, kitten or cat. Without proper vaccination and vaccine maintenance, your pet may become ill and can even contract illnesses that he or she can spread to people and pets.

Puppies and kittens are highly susceptible to infectious diseases, especially as the natural immunity provided by their mother’s milk begins to wear off.

To provide optimal protection, it is recommended that a series of vaccinations are scheduled usually a few weeks apart until they are a few months of age.

Puppies and kittens should start receiving vaccinations when they are between 6 and 8 weeks old.

Infectious diseases continue to be a risk to your pet during adulthood, and un-vaccinated adult dogs and cats put young puppies and kittens in the community at risk of disease.

Some vaccinations protect your pet for more than one year. Other vaccines may need to be administered more often.

Your veterinarian will recommend vaccines and a vaccination schedule specific to your pet’s needs based on your pet’s lifestyle.

Access to other animals, travel and geographic location all are factors that affect your pet’s risk of exposure to disease.

Vaccines work by triggering protective immune responses in your pet to help prepare them to fight future infections, lessening the severity of some diseases and, in some cases, preventing infection all together.

Research also shows that widespread use of vaccines has prevented death and disease in millions of animals, so you’re keeping your own pet healthy with regular vaccinations while you’re helping to keep the overall pet population healthier, too.

What Sets Advanced Care Apart?

In one word . . . Care.

Here you get the feeling that our people really do Care about you and your pet's well being. A caring staff takes care of you and your pet's health concerns.

Customer SERVICE is included at Advanced Care Pet Hospital.

Our staff puts the Care in Advanced CARE Pet Hospital.

No Pressure to Spend Extra, No Guilt Either

Our staff doesn't pressure you, or "Guilt" you into buying more than necessary. Our employee's pay is not based on sales quotas.

We hear this often from new customers. We don't scare you into cancer testing your new puppy or require you to have more vaccinations than your pet's lifestyle would suggest. We won't tell you your dog is seeing spots or make up some story to sell stuff.

We respect your right to choose the quality of care normally afforded to your family's pets. We provide you the proper treatment at the right time, at a fair rate.

Our people are truly nice. You don't get the impression of being rushed, or pushed into more tests or additional vaccines and treatments.

Understanding is Caring

Dr. Gerds and Dr. Poepke take the time to explain her findings in a way you can understand. Many of our new customers explain they never felt they really had things explained to them before coming to Advanced Care.

You can be assured that when she asks to test your pet for something, she is working toward a goal and that goal is determining the right treatment for your pets symptoms and underlying conditions.

We have many new clients who have had their pets conditions resolved here when their previous provider was simply treating symptoms.

The power of a proper diagnosis.

Convenience is Caring

We respect your busy schedule. We are open long hours including weekends to help you find time for your pet's health care. We can schedule your pet's appointment on weekends.

We will always get your pet in to see us the same day for hurt and sick pets. Our Free Drop Off Service means you don't have to wait to have your pet seen even for routine care.

When you call for an appointment, we ask you when it is convenient for you to bring Fluffy in and schedule accordingly.

Convenient appointments include surgeries like spays, neuters and declaws. Major surgeries like TPLOs and orthopedic work etc. are scheduled with board certified surgeons. We rely on their schedules for these procedures.

Spay and neuter patients return home the same day.

Advance Care uses the safest surgery protocol in veterinary medicine

Accuracy is Caring

Advanced Care documents your pets health records electronically. We don't use paper fies with hard to read hand written notes.

Our system allows any staff member to quickly find, read and understand your pet's medical history.

This is very handy if you have a routine medical question or a full blown emergency.

We stick by our quotes. Some folks recommend Advanced Care because the final bill is very close to the original estimates, no sticker shock. We do not lure you with a low estimate and up-charge you when you return to pick up your pet.

Advanced Care the friendly, honest and available vet in Central Minnesota.

On-site Pharmacy is Caring

When you need refills, we are here to fill them, you don't have to go on-line to order. We have most commonly prescribed medications on-hand.

We take care of your pet's medications personally and accurately.

No New Client Sign Up Fee

We don't charge you a new client registration fee just to become our customer.

All these little things add up to great service and savings for you.

Click on the video below to watch why more people now recommend Advanced Care Pet Hospital to their Friends with Pets: