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Full Service Veterinary Care

Veterinary Clinic Pets St Cloud Waite Park Sartell St Joseph Minnesota Compassionate care coupled with advanced, on-site diagnostics and treatment.

Service is Our Most Popular Service!

Clients frequently complement our staff on how well they and their pets were treated.

Dr. Gerds and Dr. Poepke are your pet's general physician, who are surgeons, radiologists, cardiologists, dentists, and pharmacists all in one.

We are a Full Service Veterinary Hospital for companion animals.

What sets us apart from the others?

In one word . . . Care.

Here you get the feeling that our people really do Care about you and your pet's well being. A caring staff takes care of you and your pet's health concerns.

Customer Service is included at Advanced Care Pet Hospital.

It is the reason our company name is so fitting, Advanced CARE Pet Hospital.

No Pressure to Buy More, No Guilt Either

Our staff doesn't pressure you, or "Guilt" you into buying add-on stuff or services. Our employee's pay is not based on some sales compensation scheme.

We hear this often from new customers. Here we don't scare you into cancer testing your new puppy or require you to have more vaccinations than your pet's lifestyle would suggest. We won't tell you your dog is seeing spots or make up some story.

We respect your right to choose the quality of care normally afforded to your family's pets. We provide you the proper treatment at the right time, at a fair rate.

Our people are truly nice. You don't get the impression of being rushed, or pushed into more tests or additional vaccines and treatments.

Understanding is Caring

Dr. Gerds takes the time to explain her findings in a way you can understand. Many of our new customers explain they never felt they really had things explained to them before coming here.

You can be assured that when she asks to test your pet for something, she is working toward a goal and that goal is determining the right treatment for your pets symptoms and underlying conditions.

We have many new clients who have had their pets conditions resolved here when their previous provider was simply treating symptoms.

This is the power of a proper Diagnosis.

Convenience is Caring

We respect your busy schedule. We are open long hours including weekends to help you find time for your pet's health care. We can schedule your pet's appointment on weekends.

When you call for an appointment, we ask you when it is convenient for you to bring Fluffy in and schedule accordingly.

We will always get your pet in to see us the same day for hurt and sick pets. Our Free Drop Off Service means you don't have to wait to have your pet seen even for routine care.

Convenient appointments include surgeries like spays, neuters and declaws. Major surgeries like TPLOs and orthopedic work etc. are scheduled with board certified surgeons. We rely on their schedules for these procedures.

Spay and neuter patients return home the same day.

This is because we use the safest surgery protocol in veterinary medicine

Accuracy is a Service

We stick by our quotes. Some folks recommend Advanced Care Pet Hospital just because the final bill is very close the original estimates, no sticker shock. We do not lure you with a low estimate and up-charge you when you return to pick up your pet.

Our pet hospital is quietly building a reputation as the friendly, honest and available vet in Central Minnesota.

On-site, In House Pharmacy

When you need refills, we are here to fill them, you don't have to go on-line to order. We have most commonly prescribed medications on-hand.

We take care of your pet's medications personally and accurately.

No New Client Sign Up Fee

We don't charge you a new client registration fee just to become our customer.

All these little things add up to great service and savings for you.

Click on the video below to watch why more people now recommend Advanced Care Pet Hospital to their Friends with Pets:

Proven experience, personalized care

Click on the headings below to learn more about why pet owners find Advanced Care Pet Hospital their preferred destination for their pet's care. Here are the highlights:

At Your Service

Open weekends, expanded week day hours, experienced people and great service add up to real value. We treat you like we like to be treated ourselves.

About Dr. Gerds

Dr. Pamela Gerds has been caring for pets like yours for over 17 years in Minnesota. She is really kind to your pets and very nice to you people who care about their pets.

Our Practice

Our pet hospital may be new, yet we provide a wealth of experience. Find out more about our veterinary pet health care practice here.

Our Pets

Like you, we are all pet people here and care about our pets. Our health care recommendations for your pet are made from the heart, not the pocketbook. We don't recommend anything more than what we would do for our own pets.

Our People

The veterinary team serving you make all the difference when it comes to your pet's care. Your pet's will like our people because they can sense that they really like pets themselves. We put our team together with you and your pet in mind. We are fast, friendly, flexible and professional. You will find no better group of people devoted to the well being of your pet.

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Free Pet IDs for Patients Current on their Vaccines and HW Tests

Veterinary Care
From A to Z!

  • Allergy Care, Anal Sac Expression or Removal, Anesthesia (Sevo), Avian Care, Artificial Insemination
  • Blood Chemistry, Bird Care, Behavior Consults, Bandaging, Broken Bones
  • Color Doppler Ultrasound, Cytology, Cuts, C.E.T Chews, C-sections, Cat Care
  • Dentistry, Dermatology, Deworming, Daycare, Declaw, Dew Claw Removal
    Digital X-Rays, DNA Breed Testing
  • Emergencies, Eyes, Ears, Exams, ECG, End of Life Care, Euthansia
  • Flea Prevention, Feline Medicine, Fish Hooks Removed, Fluid Therapy, Fracture Repair Final Arrangements, Fractured Nail Repair, Foreign Object Removal
  • Glaucoma Screening, Geriatric Care, Guinea Pigs, Gerbil Care
  • • Health Exam, Heart Worm Tests, Health Certificates, Hamster Health, Histopathology
  • In-House Diagnostics Internal Medicine, Injury Repairs, Intestinal Parasites
  • • Joint Repairs, Joint Supplements
  • • Kitten Vaccines, K-9 Wellness
  • Laboratory, Laceration Repair, Lean Treats, Lysine
  • Microchips, Microscopic exams, Mice, Mites
  • Neuter,Neurology, Nutrition, Nail trims,
  • Ovariohysterectomy, Ophthalmology, Obesity Management, OFA Screening, Orthopedic Surgery, Oxygen Therapy, Oral Surgery
  • Pregnancy Ultrasounds, Pharmacy, Puppy Vaccines, Physical Exams
  • • Quality Control
  • Royal Canin Diets, Radiology, Rats, Reptiles, Reproduction Services, Rabies Certificates
  • Surgery, Spay, Skin, Shampoos, Shots, Splints, Skunk-Off, Senior Pet Care
  • • Tonometry, Turtles, Toxicosis, Tick Prevention, Tail docking
  • Ultrasound, Urology, Urgent Care, Urine Analysis
  • Vectra, Vaccines, Vaginal Cytology, Virbac
  • • Wing Trims, Wound Care, Weight Management, Wisdom Panel (DNA Mixed Breed Testing)
  • X-Rays
  • • Yorki-poos, Yeast Infections
  • • Zoonotic Medicine

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A Vet for our Times

Our goal is to be the vet you recommend to friends with pets. We are Central Minnesota's newest veterinary practice. We put together a great staff, today's technology and a doctor with 20+ years experience. Discover why so many already recommend Advanced Care Pet Hospital!

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