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Diets to prolong lives and reduce costly surgery for pets in need

Pet Food St Cloud MN Rascal here recuperated on Royal Canin Urinary SO Diet

Brand Selection

There are many ideas out there when it comes to pet nutrition. We receive a lot of questions and concerns regarding diet. The long and short of it is find what works for you pet and stick to it.

About Prescription Diets
Prescription Diets are another matter entirely. These are pet food products scientifically formulated with dietary ingredients which are designed for specific health conditions. It is similar to your doctor asking you to change your diet.

Two of the most common medical conditions leading Dr. Gerds to recommend a prescription diet are Kidney (Renal) or Urinary Tract issues. Allergies are rapidly gaining third place. Additional issues can include liver disease, calorie control and dental cleaning.

There are several companies marketing prescription diets for pets. Each veterinarian chooses one or two lines to carry for their customers. The selection process varies and different motivations play a role in that decision.

Dr. Gerds carries Royal Canin brand prescription because in her opinion after 17 years of experience is it tends to have the greatest benefit meaning it does what it says and it has the highest palatability meaning few cats or dogs reject eating it.

Royal Canin

Prescription Diets

Lowest Prices in Town

Not all pet diets are created equal. Vets carry food brands which benefit their practice for one reason or another.

Doctor Gerds carries Royal Canin and the link below will tell you the story why she believes they alone provide the best diet products available on the market today.

Like grocery stores, our margin on food sales is slender. It would be higher if we carried the other brands.

Read more about what makes Royal Canin unique in pet diet by clicking here.

It truly is an eye opening point of view.

In short, they put the pet before the pet owner. It's the reason you don't find multi-color fish and chicken shaped kibbles in the bag with a see through window. The pet does not care if the food looks good to you.

All research is focused on what is best for animal nutrition, not on surveys and video research of pet owners.

It is one of the few companies globally that conduct extensive 1st hand research into medical outcomes and diet products.

Link to Royal Canin Pet Nutrition Library

Formulas from Various Companies
  • If you have a prescription from another manufacturer, the broad categories i.e. urinary or kidney diet, we can set you up with a comparable Diet
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