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Preventative Care For Pets

A Guide for Pet Owners
Prevention = Protection

St Cloud MN Veterinary Clinic

Advanced Care: The veterinary clinic at the end of the rainbow. Recommended by Pet Owners

Prevention Saves Money

It works for pets just like it does for humans. Regular physical exams, current shots, and regular parasite control help prevent disease.

Avoiding the need for emergency care and being proactive in preventative veterinary care can save money over the lifetime of your pet.

Avoiding dangerous situations through obedience training, leash use, indoor lifestyle, and keeping pets away from toxic products and ingestion hazards can help you avoid the costs associated with pet emergency care.

Helping your Pet, Helps You

As dogs and cats have moved from the barn, to the house, to the bedroom, the potential for disease spread to humans increases. Control of diseases among pets is a good way to reduce disease spread to humans.

Help your pet, help you, live longer!

Preventive Care for your pet, done right, can do this for you. Pets who don't regularly see their veterinarian are more likely to endure health issues which will shorten their lives.

Your pet generally ages 3 to 7 times faster than you. The weight or size of the dog is also a significant factor in their age.

The chart below outlines how weight contributes to the relative age of a dog in human years:

Pet Hospital Saint Cloud MN Veterinary Clinic

Preventative Care Saves You Money

Regardless of your companion's age, Advanced Care Pet Hospital helps you with early detection and treatment of potential diseases which may hurt your pet.

Done early, You have the potential to possibly eliminate or minimize the severity of your pet's complications.

Preventative care is the least expensive way to keep your pet healthy and save money on pet health care costs.

You can enjoy a longer more active life with your treasured companion by taking an active step now in their well being.

Dr. Gerds encourages you to provide your pet the benefits of complete check-ups on an annual basis for pets under 4 and twice a year for pets over that to maintain the health and happiness of your pet.

Two exams a year for your pet is the same as you seeing your doctor every three years.

We are are truly interested in helping you extend the time you and your pets spend together at Advanced Care Pet Hospital.


Your pets will live longer with proper immunizations. Advanced Care tailors vaccines to your pet’s specific needs. Not every pet needs everything ( the chain store vet tells you their plan with 1 time sign up fee and monthly credit card bill will save you $. You are smart, do the math and don't be afraid to see how much you save with a unique, personalized plan).

Stop in with your pet and we would be very pleased to discuss their specific needs with you and deliver the best suited vaccine protocol.

Even if you always keep your pets indoors, they can be exposed to viruses carried in the air, dust, or even on clothing or shoes. It is not uncommon for mosquitos to survive

Vaccination is a safe, cost-effective method of protection against costly treatment, or even premature death.

Intestinal Parasites

We recommend twice a year fecal examinations to check for a variety of intestinal parasites.

Routine intestinal de-worming is recommended twice a year.

Dogs and cats are commonly infected with intestinal parasites, some of which may be transmitted to people. This jeopardizes the health of pets and can create significant risk to the public.

Skin Parasites

Your pet will be examined for skin parasites during their wellness exams.

Keeping your pets flea and tick free is easy today with the new, safe, effective treatments available at Advanced Care.

We will review with you the best ways to prevent and control fleas for the specific needs of your pets and your own particular environmental situation.

Heart Worm Disease

Transmitted by mosquitoes, these are very large worms, 6-14” long and several hundred may be present in a dog’s heart.

Heart worms impair blood circulation, resulting in damage to the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. Serious damage may occur even before outward clinical signs are detected by the owner. Very advanced signs include difficult breathing, coughing, tiring easily, listlessness, weight loss, fainting, or sudden death.

The preventive treatments are much more cost effective that the major cost involved with treating the disease. Even after treatment, residual damage may be present.

Both dogs and cats need to be on medication to prevent the disease. We recommend that Heart worm preventive be given all year long.

Only one bite can infect your pet. There are occasional mosquitoes that harbor longer in houses.

There is No “off-season” risk, period.

Convenience. It will be easier to “stay on schedule” in medicating your pet. It will provide protection for your pet if you are traveling to warmer climates during the winter months.

Heart worm preventive medication also keeps your pet treated for the most common intestinal parasites.

Dental Care

Part of your pet’s routine exams includes an oral exam.

Based on findings, a time frame recommendation is made for when the next full dental cleaning should be done for your pet in order to avoid damage and health consequences.

Periodontal disease and tooth root abscesses can results in very serious overall health problems, such as heart disease and kidney disease. Our goal is to help pet’s owners establish dental care through a wide variety of dental products.

In general, toy breed (small size) dogs and cats often require more frequent dental cleanings than large breed dogs.

Learn more on the Dental Care page

Glaucoma Screening

Advanced Care provides in-house glaucoma screening. Glaucoma is caused by the build up of fluid inside the eye. If left untreated it can lead to nerve damage and blindness. Treatment options are available if diagnosed early.


Advanced Care Pet Hospital stocks Royal Canin prescription diets for pets with special dietary needs.

Royal Canin maintenance diets are also offered. If your cat or dog is on a prescription diet other than Royal Canin, the Royal Canin company likely has a comparable dietary product.

We offer individual nutritional plans to keep your pet healthy.

Joint supplements and essential fatty acid supplements offered in flavored forms to help your pet love to be healthy.

Senior Pet Health and Wellness

Nutritional needs change as your pet ages. Due to decreased activity, senior pets often need to consume fewer calories.

Weight: Obesity is a serious health problem which shortens your pet’s life span and can lead to heart, lung, and joint ailments.

Advanced Care will explain the health care needs of senior pets and the need for regular exams. More information for senior dogs can be found here:

Senior Dog Care

Senior Dog Nutrition

Microchip Identification

We provide microchip implant services. A microchip is one way to greatly increase the the return of your pet should he or she become lost.

The device is similar in appearance to a grain of rice. It is implanted beneath your pet’s skin between the shoulder blades. It is a permanent form of identification.

Most shelters and Veterinary facilities have scanners which can instantly identify the unique number of the found pet.

Learn More on the Microchip Page

Behavior Counseling

Pets can show anxiety or changed behavior as an expression of discomfort or stress from illness or pain. The first step in behavior counseling is to rule out a medical reason for the behavior. Bad behavior is a leading reason many pets are put up for adoption. A little proper training can go a long way.

At Advanced Care we provide behavior counseling and training tips to help improve your pet’s quality of life. We can help you determine what inappropriate behavior is and what the options are to change it.


Scratching, hair loss, odor, red skin are not normal. They can be indicators of food allergies, inhaled allergies, parasites, or other internal diseases. Bring your pet in for comprehensive skin diagnostics.

Learn more on the Allergy Page

Adoption Counseling Services

Selecting the right breed for your family or your personal lifestyle can be a daunting task.

Come in and speak to Dr. Gerds. She can help advise you on which breeds to investigate and which to steer away from.

In many cases, selecting the right breed in the first place can save you many hundreds of dollars in future vet bills! Some breeds, perhaps the one you are looking at right now is predisposed to certain costly health conditions. A half hour talk with Dr. Gerds can save you many hundreds in future vet bills.

Let us at Advanced Care Pet Hospital assist you with this important decision. We actively support area shelters and humane societies.

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