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Same Day - Sick Pet Service

No Waiting for Sick Pets Appointments with Drop Off Service

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Patients come in all shapes, sizes and color

Recognizing When Your Pet is Sick

When your pet seems a bit off, or just not acting like it self, it may be more than just having a bad day, it could be a sign of sickness.

Animals are instinctively born to "hide" sickness, it could be an indication of a more serious illness.

Masking symptoms of sickness is a natural defensive measure to protect it from predators. Despite generations of domestic living, this behavior still exists.

Some signs or symptoms to be watching for can include:

  • "Just not acting like itself"
  • Decrease or loss of appetite, excessive drooling
  • Reduction in energy level or activity
  • Blood in the urine or stool
  • Bloating of the abdomen
  • Hiding behavior
  • Straining or inability to urinate or defecate
  • Excessive scratching or licking of the body
  • Increased shedding or bald patches
  • Bad smell from ears, mouth or skin
  • Lumps or tumors
  • Seizures
  • Limping or lameness
  • Difficulty moving or using stairs
  • Whining, crying, coughing or sneezing

When ever you have questions or concerns regarding your pet's health, do not hesitate to call us.

And remember we are open 9 am to 5 pm Saturdays and Sundays for your convenience.

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Ultrasound being used to detect possible foreign body ingestion. Tall or small, we treat them all

Sooner is Better

Veterinarians see pets with more advanced stages of sickness or injury.

People take a wait and see attitude because of financial concern.

If you care for your pet we encourage you to call sooner than later.

Often, prompt attention means less treatment cost.

The best way to save $$$ on vet bills is DO NOT WAIT until you MUST see the emergency Vet. You can prevent many emergencies by seeing a vet regularly.

If you can wait until your regular vet is open, then wait.

Free Drop Off Service

Leave your sick pet with Advance Care, no appointment necessary.

Urinary Tract Infection Specialists

Dr. Gerds and her staff have extensive expertise in the treatment and care of urinary tract infections (UTI's) in both cats and dogs.

From inital diagnosis through care and follow-up, Dr. Gerds receives high praise from those people who brought their pets here, especially cat owners.

Getting Your Cat to the Vet Click here for tips and hints for getting finicky felines into their carrier, in a low stress way, so you can safely bring them here for care.

Additional Health Screening

In addition to blood tests, Advanced Care Pet Hospital is equipped to provide a a variety of advanced tests to help pinpoint an accurate diagnosis. Additional services include:

  • Urinalysis
  • Diabetes
  • Intestinal Parasites
  • Heart Disease
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Fecal Examination
  • Skin Scraping
  • Thyroid Function
  • Lyme Disease
  • Lump Aspiration
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Glaucoma

About Bland Diets

Bland diets are for pets who have had vomiting or diarrhea, or have other gastrointestinal problems. Basically, these diets consist of easily digestible foods with simple ingredients.

Food should be withheld for 12-24 hours from pets who have been vomiting. Once vomiting has stopped small amounts of water should be offered.

If this is held down, then bland food may be offered every 4-6 hours. After a few days of feeding the bland diet, begin to slowly blend in the original diet and gradually increase the proportion of the regular food over 2-5 days.

Simple Short-Term Homemade Bland Diet:

2 Parts cooked white rice or cooked pasta + 1 part protein source. Protein sources include: boiled (hamburger, chicken, or turkey) or low fat cottage cheese.