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A few additional veterinary friendly links

Veterinary Clinic St Cloud

We met Garrison Keillor on his 69th birthday celebration at Fishers in Avon, MN, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Here we share a few additional resources for you. Advanced Care Pet Hospital finds the following resources useful and credible.

University of Minnesota

Veterinary Public Health Fact Sheets. Here is a link to information about many important zoonotic diseases and recently emerging topics including disease definition, transmission, symptoms, treatment and resources.

Center for Animal Health and Food Safety

Poison Control Hotline

ASPCA Poison Hotline, $69 Fee
24 Hr. Pet Poison Hotline, $49 Fee

Local Shelters

We work extensively with the Tri-County Humane Society

Tri-County Humane Society

Lucky's Place, a no kill shelter 320.241.1829

Government Resources

Centers For Disease Control Healthy Pets, Healthy Humans Home Page
FDA Veterinary Home Page

Veterinary Education Organizations

Here are a collection of links for primarily educational organizations. - Answers and Assessment for tick borne disease
American Heartworm Society
Companion Animal Parasite Council - Pets and Parasites
Boehringar Ingelheim Vetmedica - Heart Disease in Dogs

Vendors and Suppliers

The following companies offer useful information for our customers:

Royal Canin
Virbac Pet Products
Harrisons Bird Foods
Frontline Plus

Our Associations / Memberships

American Veterinary Medical Association
MN Veterinary Medical Association
Sartell Chamber of Commerce