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Advanced Soft Tissue Diagnosis for Pets

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Unborn puppy image from Advanced Care. We can send home ultrasound puppy pictures.

Superior Equipment Typically Found in Human Hospitals

Advanced Care Pet Hospital was the 1st pet clinic in Central Minnesota to use the Phillips HD 7 series ultrasound unit for pets, back in 2009.

The Phillips HD 7 is typically found in human medical facilities. This unit is tailored with special probes and the software is calibrated to cater to pet ultrasounds.

This is no cheap laptop unit typically found in many small pet hospitals. The Phillips HD7 provides a greater range, depth and clarity of diagnostic imaging than can typically be provided in low cost pc or laptop based units.

In 2017, Advanced Care Pet Hospital added a high end "portable" ultrasound unit to help keep up with client demand for ultrasound services.

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Advanced Care Pet Hospital purchased a second ultrasound unit in 2017 to keep up with client demand for the service.

Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Serious Ultrasound Horsepower

Medical ultrasound,diagnostic sonography or ultrasonography for pets is a diagnostic imaging technique based on the application of ultrasound. The goal is to find a source of a disease or to exclude abnormal pathology.

Ultrasound helps Advanced Care veterinarians visualize "soft" internal organs, their size, structure and any lesions. The help evaluate tendons, muscles, joints, and vessels. The practice of examining pregnant pets using ultrasound is called obstetric ultrasound, and is popular with our clients.

Ultrasound uses sound waves with frequencies beyond those audible to humans. Our veterinarians use a hand-held probe (called a transducer) that is placed directly on and moved over the patient's skin. Images are made by sending pulses of ultrasound into tissue from the probe. The sound echoes off the tissue; with different tissues reflecting varying degrees of sound. These echoes are recorded and displayed as an image to the veterinarian.

Compared to other methods of medical imaging, ultrasound has several advantages. It provides images in real-time, it is substantially lower in cost, and it does not use harmful ionizing radiation.

Perhaps its single most valuable benefit is its ability to help our doctors diagnose various health conditions, while you wait, and without the need of invasive exploratory surgery.

It is also used to assist with less invasive biopsies of internal organs.

In your pet’s abdomen, ultrasound is particularly effective for imaging:

Ultrasound can help us to detect cancer in its early stages. An ultrasound of the heart, or echocardiogram, is very valuable to check the function of your pet’s heart.

Board Certified Radiology In Saint Cloud via Telemedicine

We do board certified radiology for several central Minnesota vet clinics on a referral basis. Results are emailed to your veterinarian for interpretation and treatment.

Your pets images are saved and sent to board certified radiologists saving a trip down to the Twin Cities to see a specialist.

Dr. Gerds has been using ultrasound for over six years and has had extensive training on the extended capabilities of this particular unit.

Ultrasound is recommended with all urinary tract infections to evaluate the bladder wall and to check for debris, lesions, defects and stones.

All ultrasound scans are performed on-site at Advanced Care. We offer abdominal, pregnancy, and cardiac scans. We also perform ultrasound guided biopsies. Dr. Gerds can provide in-house consultations on most studies.

Breeds at increased risk for congenital heart problems should have a cardiac scan at approximately six months or at the time of spay or neuter to have a baseline measurement reading and to check for early signs of problems.

Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Newfoundland, Boxer, Dobermans, and Great Dane are breeds included in the list of those at increased risk.

As pets get older or have dental disease, heart valve problems can develop.

Ultrasound evaluates each heart valve as well as the rest of the structure of the heart and is the best means of determining the proper medications and course of treatment for the pet.

Color Doppler Ultrasound For Pets

Advanced Care Ultrasound in action.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) is very common in cats and is frequently asymptomatic until sudden death occurs.

We recommend periodic cardiac scans on all cats in order to catch any problems early and to be able to better ensure the safety of an anesthetic procedure.

Images from your pets ultrasound studies are integrated with your Patients Records.

We Focus on Keeping Your Pets Healthy

Pets can't tell us what's wrong.

• Our diagnostic services provide quicker results with greater accuracy. On site diagnostics allow us to have accurate test results in 20 minutes instead of 24 hours.

• Quick diagnosis allows us to correctly we treat your pet sooner so they can recover faster.

• We combine advanced digital telemedicine with traditional in-house fecals, urinalysis and blood lab work, to develop a more complete picture of your pet's condition.

• Our ability to have results within minutes is especially valuable for pre-anesthetic testing if your pet is about to undergo surgery, as well as for evaluation of your pet if there is an emergency.

• Pre-anesthetic testing provides you with peace of mind and gives us important physiological information on your pet before we give anesthesia.

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