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Patients come in all shapes, sizes & colors: Cameleon.

Exotic Pets Welcome Here

When Herman the hedgehog encounters an unfamiliar situation, he curls up into a spiny little ball. But during a recent visit to Advanced Care, he is all curiosity, exploring the exam room with Dr. Gerds and Heidi the veterinary technician.

In any given month, Advanced Care will regularly see and treat a variety of exotic companion animals.

Exotic pets can include rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, birds, hamsters, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs which all have special care needs. Just like their dog and cat counterparts, exotic animals need regular wellness exams and on-going care.

We do not treat snakes at this time.

We regularly spay and neuter rabbits for the Tri-County Humane Society.

A Happy Pet Owner Review

Advanced Pet Care treats ferrets! I'm always pleased with their service.
Tyler Pulkkinen, Google+ Review

When your exotic pet seems a bit off, or just not acting like right, it may be more than just having a bad day, it could be a sign of illness. Dr. Gerds regularly treats a variety of pets beyond cats and dogs.

Bird Veterinarian, Advanced Care Pet Hospital, St. Cloud MN
Nail, wing and beak trims
Exotic Pet Care, Hedgehogs, Advanced Care Pet Hospital, St. Cloud MN
"Spikey" a Hedgehog treated for Mites
Exotic Pet Vet Turtles, Advanced Care Pet Hospital, Saint Cloud MN
"Tortie" a 10 year old Tortoise recovered

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A Sugar Glider
Exotic Veterinary Hospital St Cloud Sartell MN Open Weekends

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