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Veterinarian Sartell
Dr. Pamela Gerds, with White Rabbit After Surgery

Practicing What We Believe

After a career working for other small animal hospitals, Dr. Pamela Gerds came away with a belief she describes as:

"Practicing Pet Medicine Right."

Dr. Gerds designed Advanced Care Pet Hospital to combine "advanced" high quality veterinary medicine with a "caring," warm, comfortable environment for pets and their people.

"High quality veterinary medicine," means giving pet owners the straight scoop quickly without guess work.

Our clients don't worry about unneeded tests or strange, wacky diagnosis of pet's symptoms. We strive to accurately diagnose your pet's condition using proven testing protocols. Should you choose to decline tests, we'll respect your wishes, but this limits our ability to make accurate assessments.

Advanced Care Pet Hospital believes in providing you only the services your pet requires. We believe in preventative care to minimize health problems. We believe in treating the root cause of your pets symptoms, not simply treating symptoms themselves.

Practicing pet medicine right means having the lowest cost prescription food in the region so you're not afraid to buy the right prescription food for your pets condition.

It means being here seven days a week to better serve you.

We believe in mutual respect and open communication.

Save Money with Advanced Care

Folks like you, discover they save a bundle at Advanced Care Pet Hospital. You save because Advanced Care does not diagnose creative ways of extracting money from your wallet.

Practicing pet medicine right means paying only one annual exam fee, regardless of how many boosters are needed the rest of the year. It also means testing your pet's poop when you suspect you have a problem, not every time you walk in the door.

Can you hear the savings yet?

You save money because we educate you on your options. You choose the option that is right for your situation without guilt or pressure to spend more. We believe you have a say in the level of health care you wish to provide your pet.

In our personal lives we find that we get what we pay for, we believe excellent quality service need not be expensive. We may not be the lowest cost veterinary clinic, but we do believe in providing unmatched value.

If you believe in what we believe, we invite you to come discover the difference, the reason more people recommend Advanced Care Pet Hospital to their friends with pets.

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TRUST comes from Kindness, Compassion and Value

We believe in only recommending treatment plan options that we would provide our own pets.

We believe in caring for people who truly care for their pets. We believe in treating you the way we like to be treated.

Our doctors and staff take the time to fully explain your options when it comes to your pets health care. They honestly care about the well being of your pets. Many of our clients recognize a difference in the quality of service delivery when they bring their pets here.

Advanced Care knows your pet's health is important to you. We affirm your right to afford the quality of care your pet deserves. You decide the appropriate treatment course for your pet.

In short, "we don't treat you or your pets like animals."

Our clients find this a refreshing perspective. More people have come to trust the brand of pet medicine Advanced Care Pet Hospital practices.

Working Harder to Make Your Life Easier

How it all began . . .

From day one, the goal was to create a warm, welcoming place where people would not hesitate to bring their pets back due to cost or quality concerns. This is the foundation behind one annual exam fee regardless of how many boosters needed, free rechecks for previously diagnosed conditions and reasonable dental cleaning rates.

Advanced Care Pet Hospital opened on December 17th 2009, in the depths of the deepest recession in recent history.

Dr. Pamela Gerds and husband Tom, went from idea, to open doors in 9 months, doing so on time and on budget.

The couple previously lived in Nowthen Minnesota, near Elk River. Construction began September 11th, 2009. Doors opened days before Christmas.

The planning and hard work is being recognized as Advanced Care Pet Hospital has consistently received warm, positive 5 star Google reviews for a veterinary clinic and pet hospital in Saint Cloud Minnesota since opening.

Advanced Care has earned a reputation as an honest, friendly, down-to-earth veterinary practice, with emphasis on customer and patient Care.

Care is the operative word from a service perspective.

Growth from Commitment

Thanks to the kindness of our staff with client care and their hard work, we added Dr. Amanda Poepke (pronounced Pep-key) to our staff in June of 2015. Dr. Poepke worked with the Tri-County Humane Society for 5 years where she gained extensive pet care and surgical experience. Dr. Amanda Craft joined our team in 2017 from Little Falls, MN. The three doctors, Dr. Gerds, Dr. Popeke and Dr. Craft share many values and veterinary practices in common.

Advanced Care Pet Hospital first made the commitment to be open 7 days a week in October 2016.

911 Scout Drive Sartell
Dr. Gerds pictured with husband Tom & the Kids: Suzie, Scout and Biwabik. Photo by County Gallery, Kimball, MN

A Happy Pet Owner Review

Our vet first greeted us by hugging our cat. The "office guy" was also very friendly and kept referring to the cat as our "kitty". I can tell the staff really loves animals and we had a fantastic first experience there.
Dr. Gerds was very straight forward with us and didn't push us to spend more money than we needed to. We'll be coming here for our veterinary needs from here on.
Megan Jolly, Google+ Review

Where did the name Advanced Care Pet Hospital come from?

Dr. Gerds literally woke up after a dream one morning and pronounced the name clear as a bell.

"Advanced Care" says it all in two words. "Advanced" on-site diagnostics + a caring attitude towards clients and their pets.

Advanced Care for your Pet

And the Street Number: 911 Scout Drive?

Scout, was the name of our long haired miniature Dachshund pictured on the home page. When "scouting" locations, we found Pine Cone Market Place and happened to turn on Scout Drive when we saw the round barn.

The "911" street number was given to us by the City of Sartell. As a Pet Health Care provider, the 911 street number truly is a fitting touch since we make an effort to get sick pets seen as soon as possible.

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Advanced Care Pet Hospital, "Caring For People Who Care For Their Pets"